Minn Kota Digital Maximizer Review

When you engage in fishing, you will want to have the best equipment so as to make the most of the boat rides.

There are so many items that are part of the fishing gear and having a great boat is imperative. Minn Kota has introduced trolling motors that are advanced by including the digital maximizer.

What is the Digital Maximizer?

The digital maximizer by Minn Kota is a technology that will give you exceptional power, while extending the overall life of the battery.

As such, you will last up to 5 times longer in water, while running on a single charge.

With this technology, the heat on the trolling motor is also reduced and eventually, you will expand the lifespan of the motor.

How the Digital Maximizer Works

With the digital maximizer integrated in the trolling motors, you will not waste any energy when fishing or taking a boat ride. You will get the power that is required at any setting, which works with the variable speeds.

Ultimately, it will optimize the life of the body. This is a digital control that comes with pulse width modulation to power up the motor. The voltage will be passed in pulses, but at very high rates.

When you have longer pulse widths, you will enjoy more power. As such, even when you are operating your trolling motor at low speeds, you will be able to get full torque. If you have a motor with the digital maximizer, you should operate it at very speeds so as to extend the battery life.

Is it Worth Having the Digital Maximizer?

If you constantly fish, and have a boat with trolling motor, then the digital maximizer is quite essential. Unlike the analog voltage control and multi-turn motors, the ones with a digital maximizer will generate less heat.

You can actually can stay longer in the water with just a single charge and get a remarkable experience.

The digital maximizer will only draw the precise amount of power needed to run the motor. Ultimately, your battery will be conserved and as such, you will really have more time to be in water.

Minn Kota Motors with a Digital Maximizer

Here are some of the trolling motors that come with this technology: