10 Best Fishing Gloves Of 2020 – Reviews

While there’s a small group of fishermen who might deny it, most would say that fishing gloves are an important part of anyone’s fishing gear. They are as essential as poles and reels because they not only will help you fish all year round – despite the temperature – but because they protect your hands from accidents. Anyone who is serious about fishing – either for their own personal pleasure or for sport – should get themselves a good pair of gloves.

Anyone who has ever fished knows that any number of different things can happen to your hands while you’re fishing. There’s the potential of getting a hook caught in your finger or slicing a finger off completely while you’re trying to gut a fish. And cold weather can quickly put an end to just about any fishing trip. After all, it can be pretty hard to tie a not when you can’t even feel your fingers.

Nowadays, these types of gloves come in a number of different styles that are made from a variety of different materials. There are fingerless gloves, full-gloves and fly fishing gloves. There are ones made out of fleece, neoprene, and wool. So how do you know what’s the best waterproof gloves for fishing? Well, you have two options: you can do hours of research and product comparison, or you can just look at the following list. Below you’ll find the best gloves for fishing that are currently available. And after that list is a handy guide that will tell you what to look for in a pair of gloves.

Best Fishing Gloves Of 2018

10Glacier Glove Islamorada Sungloves

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Made from a poly-elastane and spandex blend with a synthetic leather palm for added grip control, the Glacier Glove Islamorada Sungloves are the perfect gloves for a wide variety of different fishing activities. They are fingerless, so they provide a good grip but have built-in 50+ UPF protection to protect your hands from sunburns. These comfortable gloves will prove themselves to be quite useful as they are used to reel in big mouth bass or to get a good grip on the pole while fighting that big sport fish. And as an added bonus, after fishing is done, these gloves dry quickly and are easily stored away.

9The Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves

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Some gloves that are made for fishing are sprayed with a chemical that gives them UPF protection. However, The Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves are gloves that have their UPF 50+ protection woven directly into the fabric itself so you never have to worry about them using their effectiveness in the sun. These gloves protect hands from sunspots and burn and are made from a quick-drying spandex that doesn’t require a lot of care. And since they’re fingerless, wearers can maintain their tactile sense of touch while using them. These gloves are perfect for fishing in the sun or doing any sort of outdoor activity.

8Berkley Gloves for Fishing

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Berkley Gloves are specifically designed to give the wearer a good grip while they’re handling fish or handling just about anything that’s slippery. These gloves also protect the hands from the small cuts that one can get from handling fish. Made of a heavy-duty material that’s as flexible as it is strong, these gloves are sure to provide many years of use to the wearer. And when they become dirty, all you have to do is throw them into the washer and they’re good as good. These gloves are perfect to throw in your pocket for a lazy afternoon of fishing or for any other outdoor activity where your hands need to be protected.

7Rapala Marine Fisherman Gloves

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Rapala Marine Fisherman Gloves are gloves that are designed to be used in both a freshwater or saltwater environment and provide many years of protection to your hands. While these gloves don’t provide protection against fillet knives and they aren’t intended to be used as a filet gloves, they do provide protection to the hands from a number of other fish handling injuries that a fisherman could occur, include protection from dorsal fins and gill plates. These gloves are the perfect choice for the fisherman who just needs a reliable pair of gloves that are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

6Lindy Fish Handling Glove

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Lindy Fish Handling Gloves are designed to not only be puncture resistant but also to give the wearer a sure grip on anything that might be slippery. It’s made with a fabric that can easily deflect everything from teeth to hooks and even knife blades. It can be used for unhooking fish and for filleting them as well. However, these gloves don’t just offer a better grip and protection for the hands but they are also resistant to fish odors. All of these qualities make these the perfect glove for just about any angler who is looking for something that will give them a competitive edge against their prey.

5Glacier Glove Alaska River Fingerless Gloves

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These gloves are made for fishermen who want to keep their hands protected against the elements but also want to maintain their dexterity. These fingerless had a wind-proof fleece back and a fleece-lined neoprene palm to give anglers protection even around Alaskan waters during fall and early spring. Easy to maintain, these gloves are a wonderful addition to just about any tackle box and should provide years of service. And they are sized just a little bit larger than comparable gloves to allow the wearer to use a winter liner, to increase their warmth if they so desire.

4Liamtu Anti-Slip Gloves With 3 Fingerless Fingers

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Liamtu Anti-Slip gloves are designed for fishermen who need some of their fingers available for dexterity but don’t need all of their fingers to be uncovered. They accomplish this feat by making the thumb, forefinger and middle finger fingerless and the ring and pinky fingers covered. However, a unique design isn’t the only thing these gloves have going for them. They also feature a one-size-fits-most sizing, are durable and increase the wearer’s grip thanks to its non-slip palm. These gloves also are adjustable at the wrist thanks to an adjustable Velcro wrist strap. Designed with the average fisherman in mind, these gloves make a perfect addition to just about anyone who enjoys fishing.

3Inf-Way Fisherman Gloves

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These gloves are designed to help professional fishermen protect their hands while they’re fishing. Featuring a unique design that covers the fingers and palm, yet leaves the back of the hand exposed, these gloves are designed to give the fisherman wear resistance and the ability to handle PE fishing line easily. They are also some of the best waterproof gloves that allow the wearer to have more gripping power when they handle fish and other slippery items. These are gloves that are easy to use and also have a magnetic hook that allows them to be hung from a clip so they don’t get lost.

2Goture Outdoor Convertible Gloves With Fingerless Index and Thumb

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Goture Outdoor Sports Gloves are designed with a special feature that makes them useful and unique to use. The forefinger and the thumbs of these gloves have special caps that can be removed so that a person can expose those fingers to use unlock as fingerprint accessed phone, text or any other situation where a forefinger and thumb is required. They can then be covered just as easily and used for hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity. And it also has an adjustable Velcro strap that makes it easy to for the wearer to adjust it to their hands.

1Sougayilang Gloves For Fishing With 3 Low-Cut Fingers

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Sougayilang Gloves have a number of exciting features that not only make them a good choice for fishing but for just about any outdoor activity or sport. These gloves have 3 low-cut fingers (forefinger, thumb and middle finger) that allow the wearer to keep those fingers free for other tasks while still protecting the rest of the hand. They also have a friction palm design that gives the wearer a better ability to hold onto things and an adjustable Velcro wristband for easy adjustment. These gloves are perfect for a day out on the water or for hunting or cycling.


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What to Look for In a Pair of Gloves for Fishing

Since we should all agree that gloves are a valuable tool for fishing, now it’s time to learn what we should be looking for in a great pair of gloves. Since these gloves are designed to handle any number of different conditions, the type of gloves that you actually need are the ones that will suit your purposes the best. Let’s look at a few of the design issues built into the latest fish handling gloves and discuss the purpose of these design features.

Full, Fingerless and Convertible Gloves

Fish handling gloves come in three different styles. There are full-fingered gloves, fingerless gloves, and convertible gloves. Let’s examine each of these different styles.

Full Finger Gloves – Full-fingered gloves are usually the best option for keeping your hand and fingers warm during cold weather fishing. However, these type of gloves can have the limitation of being unwieldy to use or not allow enough manual dexterity to tie knots or to bait hooks.

Fingerless Gloves – Fingerless gloves aren’t the best types of gloves for cold weather because the fingers are exposed. However, they can be a good option for those who want to keep their manual dexterity while still protecting the majority of their hand.

Convertible Gloves – Convertible gloves are often the happy middle ground between full-fingered and fingerless gloves. These gloves give the wearer the option to keep their fingers covered for cold weather fishing or to uncover your fingers for tying knots or baiting hooks. Now, let’s take a look at some of the more common materials that modern fish gloves use in their construction.

Glove Materials to Consider

Neoprene – You might know neoprene as the material that waders are often made from but it’s also used for fish gloves. That’s because this material provides great insulation, even when the glove gets wet. Most neoprene gloves are between 1 millimeter and 3 millimeters thick. Thicker glove usually provides better insulation for your hands but they can also hamper your ability to use your hands effectively.

Wool – Wool is another material that may be made into gloves for fishing but is beginning to decline in popularity. Thirty years ago, this material would’ve been found in the majority of fish handling gloves but superior materials are beginning to overtake them. While they can be warmer than some types of gloves, their inclination to hold onto water and their inability to block out wind can make them a less desirable choice for fishing than more modern materials.

Fleece – Fleece is a material that provides great insulation and is a great choice for gloves but it’s also a material that will quickly lose its effectiveness if it becomes wet. Which is probably why waterproof fishing gloves are coated with a DWR coating that makes them waterproof. If the fleece isn’t treated in this manner, then I wouldn’t recommend it for fishing.

Other Features to Look For In Gloves

Enhanced Grip – Another feature that’s worth considering is enhanced grips. Enhanced grips for gloves come in a variety of different styles but the most common one is an imitation leather palm or some other type of material that allows you to hold onto slippery objects better than with just the glove’s original material.

Waterproofing – No matter what material you’re glove is made from, you should seriously consider getting a pair that’s waterproof. While water-resistant gloves may slow how wet your hands may get from fishing, only truly waterproofed gloves will provide complete protection. Without this feature, you may end up having to fish with wet hands.

In Conclusion…

This concludes this section on finding the best gloves for fishing. While buying these types of sports gloves may seem complicated, in reality, it’s pretty easy to find a pair that will help you fish. Doing your homework when it comes to buying this particular type of fishing equipment really pays off in the long run. And that’s why we’ve tried to make it easy for you.