Minn Kota Edge – Review

It is important to choose the correct motor for your personal boating needs. Matching the size of your boat, the weight of the boat while carrying its average load, and the anticipated conditions of the water itself will all play a crucial role in choosing the correct trolling motor.

Choosing the correct pounds of thrust will make all the difference to your boating enjoyment. Minn Kota Edge is a premium freshwater bow mounted trolling motor that comes with a variety of options to choose from. Check it out! We know you are going to love it.

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What Makes the Minn Kota Edge So Great?

They guarantee an indestructible shaft that is designed to bend under pressure to reduce the risk of breakage.

Minn Kota Edge On Bow Image
Minn Kota Edge On Bow Image

Indestructible Composite Shaft

Choosing the proper shaft length is important when purchasing a trolling motor. If your shaft is too short, your motor will lack power and will move sluggishly. On the contrary, too long of a shaft could result in your propeller dragging across the bottom.

The Minn Kota Edge features a composite shaft that is stronger than steel. It flexes on impact, so there is never any worry that it will break or kink. With Minn Kota, you have options. The shaft comes with a lifetime guarantee. All other parts and components are covered by a 2-year warranty.

The Minn Kota Edge Sports A Powerful Motor

Without enough power, your trolling motor can have sluggish acceleration and be difficult to maneuver. Thrust is how your boat moves through the water. It is important to choose the correct pounds of thrust for your boat. Your boat length will tell you how much thrust you should need.

However, it is important to keep in mind that heavier loads may require additional thrust. Minn Kota Edge offers three choices in power to help assure that you will have all that you need. Their motors feature 5 speeds for even greater speed control.

Weedless Wedge Powerful Propeller

The Edge trolling motor comes equipped with Minn Kota’s Weedless Wedge 2 propeller. It is designed to push through thick vegetation without draining the battery or slowing down.

They also offer a propeller called the Power Prop that delivers a little extra power to push through the thicker vegetation with more ease.

Integrates With ProNav Angler

Once integrated you can put your boat on GPS autopilot, follow routes using live maps, and even use ProNav to anchor your boat through your Minn Kota Edge.  It’s pretty darn amazing!

ProNav Angler for Minn Kota
  • GPS autopilot for your trolling...
  • Create, modify, and follow routes...
  • Use your trolling motor to anchor...

Minn Kota Edge is an Easily Mounted Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Edge motors are bow mounted motors They pull the boat through the water. This allows you more precision while steering. Removing this trolling motor from the mount is convenient and easy thanks to the latch and door bracket design.

It features a soft grip knob for comfort. This is a convenient feature when it comes time to store your motor. The motor also stows easily to keep it out of the water or out of the way during transporting.

Minn Kota Has a Newly Designed Foot Pedal

The newly designed foot pedal is easier to operate. This larger foot pedal features much more foot room allowing for more precise speed control. Using a foot pedal allows you to have better control of both speed and direction.

However, the cords can get in the way and leave your deck feeling cluttered. This keeps your hands free. Minn Kota does offer the choice of hand controls on some of the Edge models. Hand controls do not offer as precise of control.

Reduced Friction So The Minn Kota Edge Is Super Quiet

The Minn Kota Edge’s quiet function allows for moving through the water without disturbing the wildlife. Noise reduction is important in a trolling motor whether sneaking up on fish or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature.

The propeller on this freshwater trolling motor is designed to push through vegetation with ease. The motor also boasts extended battery power. These features lead to greater longevity of the motor.


Most customers felt that this trolling motor did not disappoint. Many customers report that the Minn Kota Edge really delivers on power. It’s a five speed motor with great control. Heavy currant and wind do not drain the power of this trolling motor, giving the battery four to six hours of life. Installing the mount for this trolling motor is quick and easy.

The mount for it is pretty sturdy. It takes just thirty seconds to remove using its easy turn, soft grip knob. It is designed for safe and easy storage.

The wide design of the foot pedals is much more comfortable than most foot pedals allowing for better control. It is well priced for a bow mount trolling motor for a small boat.


Where some said it fit their boat perfectly, still other customers are saying that the Minn Kota Edge could use some improvements.

For them, this meant purchasing some additional components. Some have needed to purchase an extension for the handle, which is not telescopic. They also have discovered that the power cord to the battery is too short, requiring the purchase of additional wires.

Some even recommended purchasing a mount for the foot pedal as they found it moved around and got in the way too much. Complaints about the hand controls show that the speed controls are not as reliable.

The Minn Kota Edge Has A Variety Of Thrust Options

The Edge 45 motor features 45 pounds of thrust and comes with the option of three different shaft lengths; 36’’, 45’’ or 50’’. It uses one 12 volt battery. You can choose either the foot controlled or hand controlled option.

The Edge 55 motor offers 55 pounds of thrust and comes in only two shaft lengths; 45’’ and 52’’. It also has the option of either foot controlled or hand controlled use. It requires only one 12 volt battery.

The Edge 70 motor uses 70 pounds of thrust. It also comes with the 45’’ or 52’’ shaft options. It comes with only the foot control option. This motor requires two 12 volt batteries.

A Great Low Priced Trolling Motor

Minn Kota is an affordable and trusted brand. The Minn Kota Edge has a number of great options for all freshwater fishing and boating needs.

Many say this bow mount trolling motor delivers on its promises and will not leave you disappointed. Be prepared to spend a little extra to customize to your individual needs. Minn Kota does offer many great accessories to compliment their motors, which guarantees compatibility.

Check Out The ProNav Angler for Minn Kota, It’s Pretty Neat!

ProNav Angler for Minn Kota
  • GPS autopilot for your trolling...
  • Create, modify, and follow routes...
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