How To Mount A Transducer On A Trolling Motor With An Adapter

Depending on the kind of transducer you have, whether it is an HDI transducer or a regular skimmer transducer, you can mount it for sure on a trolling motor. And it’s as easy as pie!

There is the TMB-S transducer adapter, which is pretty straightforward.

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Just screw the transducer into the bracket, and tighten the metal strip around the trolling motor, and you are all set:

trolling motor adapter

If you have the new HDI models, then you will need the TMB-S adapter, as well as a special mounting cup to fit the new HDI transducer:

Lowrance 000-10978-001 Trolling Motor Adapter
  • Made in China
  • Package height :19.558 cm
  • Package length :7.62 cm

hdi cup trolling motor

Then there is the DSI trolling motor transducer adapter, which is basically the same as above, except that it’s built for the slightly larger Lowrance DSI transducers:

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dsi transducer

If you are a Humminbird guy, then this transducer mount is specially designed for XTM transducers:

AMRH-740087-1 Humminbird Trolling Motor Adapter XNT...
  • AD XTM 9 Transducer Mounting...
  • This hardware kit adapts to our...
  • For use with: XNT 9 20 T, XNT 9 QB...

xtm trolling motor