Getting Into Saltwater Kayak Fishing

There are a huge variety of kayaks out there. Each specifically designed for different types of kayaking. When it comes to saltwater kayak fishing having the best setup you can is critical to both your safety, comfort, and success on the water. Even within the niche of saltwater kayak fishing there are quite a few different options to choose from.  There are quite a few different versions of fishing kayaks including “sit on top”, sit inside, foot pedal powered, with sails (although not super common with fishing), or with electric kayak trolling motors.

Sometimes the cockpit is covered by a spray deck. This protects the rider from water from waves or spray. In case the kayak capsizes, the spray deck will prevent the cockpit from filling with water, and protect the paddler from being ejected.

Kayakers are as diverse as the boats they paddle in and the places they go to. The exhilarating feeling of stepping into the kayak, pushing away into the water and the sound of the first stroke of the paddle hitting the water is what brings kayakers back again and again. Once they drift out into the ocean they leave their problems, cares and stresses of their lives behind floating freely in the ocean.

Let’s look at some reasons why we like to go kayaking. The first and most important is that kayaking is fun! There is no age limit to it.

You want to be close to nature? In a kayak you will be able to go places and see sights only accessible to a very small percent of people. If you love to fish, then a kayak will take you to the hard to reach fishing holes.

Recommended Fishing Kayaks:

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Need to exercise and relax? A kayak offers both: a good aerobic workout and the moment of watching a sunset over the open sea.

Fishermen all over the world admire kayaks for their portability and ability to reach locations impossible to navigate by bigger boats. Since kayaks come with a relatively low price tag, it encourages fishermen of all levels to try them out as a way to fish. If you live in the coastal regions, saltwater kayak fishing can be quite rewarding and refreshing!

Kayaks used in oceans, as compared to the freshwater kind, obviously need to be more durable due to exposure to saltwater corrosion.

Fishing in open oceans provides a much wider variety of catch. This kind of fishing comes with a catch (wink, wink!). Much more detailed planning is required for saltwater fishing for the simple fact that there are thousands of miles of coastlines.

The equipment used for saltwater fishing is different from freshwater fishing. For saltwater fishing you will have to use longer and sturdier lines. Typically saltwater lines have higher densities and lower diameters. The opposite is true for freshwater fishing lines.

Saltwater fishing kayaks are larger than freshwater ones. This gives more stability in open waters and more storage space for equipment. The paddles are as important as the kayaks. Lighter paddles will obviously be easier to maneuver and be less stressful.

Although kayaking in open waters is a lot of fun and exciting, chances of getting lost and losing your spatial awareness are high. Make sure you carry a GPS marking your initial position along with a survival kit. Carrying paper maps (you can laminate them to keep the paper dry) can also be useful.

Kayaks are known to flip over because of their blade like structure. It is useful to carry equipment, food and accessories in watertight floatable bags to easily recover them in case of a flip.

There are some common mistakes to avoid when kayaking, especially in the ocean. Make sure to review the weather forecast as the weather will make or break your trip. Carry a weather radio with you. It is always better to carry more food than you think you may need. Make sure not to lose your catch like many amateurs do when their lines get entangled with their paddles.

Are you looking for a unique and fun activity. Pack up, get in a kayak splash the paddle in the water and have fun!