10 Best Kayak Seats of 2021 – Reviews

When buying a new kayak people will look at a variety of options. They’ll check out its length, width, the materials it’s made from and the color. However, the one thing that most people almost never check is the seat. Which is unfortunate because the seat is one of the most important parts of it.

The kayak seats that are factory installed on your kayak can come in a wide range of different quality levels and a lot of them are not as good as they should be. Which can mean a big difference as you try to use your canoe for fishing or for any other activity. It can not only be uncomfortable but may also lead to ergonomic problems.

Fortunately, there’s a solution and that’s upgrading your own kayak seats. The seating that’s made today has a number of features that will increase your comfort level and safe. Some of these features include lumbar support and having the ability to mold to your body’s particular body shape. Once you’ve upgraded your seating you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. Yes, that’s how much of a difference new seating for a kayak can make for you, your back and your legs.

Best Kayak Seats Of 2021

There are a lot of different seating options available nowadays, which can make it pretty confusing to choose the best option for you. Which is why I decided to go ahead and break down the 10 best ones for you today. While I did the best kayak seating first, all of the ones on this list are pretty good and are improvements over what most manufacturers use in the first place.

10Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak & Boat Seat


From Amazon

The manufacturers of this product have named it a deluxe seat and there’s a good reason for that. And that reason is that it’s packed with features that will make many consumers wonder how they lived without it in the first place. It’s a beautifully molded seat that is adjustable and gives not only the back support but also the butt as well. This seat is also equipped with solid brass connecting grades that are designed to be marine grade and two front-straps and two back-straps. It’s really comfortable and is made in three different colors: solid black, gray with black piping and black with a gray middle section.

9Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back


From Amazon

Designed for kayakers who need to stay on the water for extended periods, such as fishermen, this seat back is made with a lot of foam padding and is reinforced to handle a lot of punishment. Its outer layer has a UV-resistant and very durable cloth that has reflective logos on it so that it’s easier to see at night. This seat also has marine grade brass clips with high-quality stainless steel springs that allow it to be clipped to the kayak. This seating option is also built with four-way mounting straps that are easy to adjust and is reinforced to provide just a little bit of extra back support. It’s the perfect boat seating for use on your favorite lake or river and should provide years of use.

8Pactrade Marine Deluxe Seat


From Amazon

The Pactrade Marine Deluxe Seat is designed to accommodate the lifestyle of just about any kayaking enthusiasts. It’s designed with a number of features that not only make it comfortable but also gives the wearer’s back some support. Some of these features include an inner layer of EVA foam that’s been paired with a PE plate enclosed in a contoured neoprene/polyester shell. It also comes with a detachable backpack that gives the user the ability to pack their lunch or even fishing supplies. This makes this seat not only versatile but also quite unique as well and a welcome companion on most fishing trips.

7YakPads Paddle Saddle


From Amazon

While this YakPads Paddle Saddle isn’t a seat in its own right, it does ride on top of your current seat to increase your comfort level and to give your back some much-needed support with its high backrest. Some people also use it in their canoes by folding it in half and using it as a seat. It’s designed with a comfort gel that improves comfort levels dramatically but does so without raising the person’s center of gravity. Its design is great for recreational kayakers who are looking for a little bit extra to use on long trips.

6Okwu Comfort Water-Resistant Memory Foam Cushion


From Amazon

The Okwu Comfort Cushion is a seat that wasn’t specifically designed to be used for kayak use but has been adopted by many kayakers because of its comfort and water-resistant qualities. It’s made with a generous 4-inches of memory foam that allows for great vertebral alignment and equal weight distribution. This cushion is designed to be ultra comfortable and to help relieve back pain and numbness that is often associated with sitting too long. It also has a removable and washable cover that just zips open. This seat cushion is not only good for kayaking but also for use anywhere comfort is required – cars, wheelchairs or boats as well.

5Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-KS222 Universal Padded Seat


From Amazon

Designed to be a universal fit for just about any kayak, the BKC UH-KS222 Universal Padded seat has several features which make it a good seat. It has a total width of 20.5-inches and a seat width of 15.5-inches. It also has 4 straps that can be clipped onto the kayak. While it’s not manufactured to be a replacement for your kayaks cushion, it is a pad that will help increase the comfort level. This seat may not be the solution for everybody but is a good option for people looking for something that just works and is fairly inexpensive.

4Saturn Deluxe Molded Foam Seat With Detachable Backpack


From Amazon

The Saturn Deluxe Molded Seat is designed to make the life of kayak fishermen a whole lot easier. It comes with a detachable backpack that can be used to store everything from a tackle box and bait spinners to your bag lunch. This seat also comes with a detachable cushion that, when equipped, lifts the seat higher. Another helpful feature that can be found on this model includes an 18-inch tall back seat that provides maximum comfort and support. This is a boat seat that’s sure to come in handy for those long trips on a lake, river or other body of water.

3Skwoosh Expedition Kayaking Seat


From Amazon

This fishing seat has a number of features that will make it invaluable to any angler or recreational kayaking enthusiast. It features a 20-inch high seat with adjustable lumbar support that will keep your back feeling good all day long. This seat is also made using a special liquidized gel that’s wrapped in a breathable fabric that allows all-day comfort without making your back and rear end sweaty. This model also comes with four adjustable straps that have corrosion resistant hardware, so that it can be used for saltwater as well as freshwater fishing trips. It’s a seat that’s sure to provide many hours of fishing comfort.

2Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Seat for Kayaks


From Amazon

The Sea Eagle Deluxe Seat is different than most of the other seats featured on this list. Instead of using foam padding or gel foam, it’s an inflatable seat that can be blown up when needed and deflated when not in use. It provides 14-inches of back support and the seat raises your seating approximately 5-inches. Inflated, it is 14-inches wide and 21-inches deep. It’s a good seating option for boats and for inflatable kayaks and Paddle Skis. This model also has a rear pocket that allows extra items to be stored easily and conveniently – including things like gloves and fishing licenses.

1GTS Expedition Molded Foam Seat For Kayaking


From Amazon

The GTS Expedition is seat that’s designed for all-day use in a kayak. It has an 18-inch tall backrest and a 2-inch thick bottom seat that ensures the utmost in support and comfort. It also features a 6-point rear attachment system to help secure it and a built-in mesh pouch for gear storage. This model will sit on top of any sit-on-top kayak and should provide the user with years of service. Other features that can be found on this particular seat include drainage channels to get rid of excess cockpit water and a high-density fabric and foam laminate back.


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Choosing Kayak Seats For Your Particular Needs

Let’s face facts – there are a lot of different types of seats available for kayaks and other marine vessels. Which can make it difficult to choose from among them. The best way to choose them is to take a few things into consideration. Below are some of the features you should consider before buying your seat.

Types of Seats

Seats fall into one of five different categories: Basic, Deluxe, Tall Back, Fishing and Inflatable. Each of these seat categories has their own pros and cons. Which means that some of them are right for some kayaking enthusiasts and others are not.

Basic Models are good for short weekend trips or fishing expeditions in which you don’t expect to spend a lot of time on the water. In those circumstances, these types of seats are often an inexpensive option that many people will consider. However, if you’re spending a lot of time in your kayak, then you might want to look for a better option. Options such as the Fishing or the Deluxe Models.

Deluxe Models often come with a number of features which make them a desirable option. These features can include from having extra anti-slip restraining devices to memory foam inserts to special ergonomic settings. This makes them good for extended trips. Unfortunately, this increase in features also usually come with a higher price-tag.

Tall Models are designed with the anglers backs in mind. A taller back not only accommodates fishermen who might be a little bit taller than average but also provides everyone much needed back support. The only real downfall to these type of seats is that they often don’t have the options available that Deluxe Models have.

Fishing Models, as the name implies, are built for fishing trips and tours. These type of seats have many of the options that fishermen favor in a seat. This can include having the ability to pivot and often have extra pockets for storing tackle boxes or other items. However, as is the case with Deluxe Models, these seats can be priced higher than comparable seating options.

Inflatable Models are often less expensive than other models and are also easier to put away and store. However, they don’t often include the features that many seating models have and are definitely not an option for everybody.

Types of Foam For Seating

There are also a variety of different materials that seats are made from nowadays with the vast majority of them having EVA Foam, Layered Foam or Memory Gel Foam. Here are the characteristics of each type.

EVA Foam is a type of foam that’s lightweight. EVA means Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and it’s a material that’s used for a variety of different applications from soccer cleats to foam stickers. It’s a little bit of a firmer foam than the other two types.

Layered Foam is made from an injection foam molding process. This type of material is fairly flexible and soft and is often used in archery targets and other consumer products.

Memory Gel Foam is usually the softest of all of the foams and forms to your body. Used for things such as mattresses and pillows, this type of foam is considered to be the top of the line for boating seats.

The Final Determination

While all of the above points can help you decided which seating option is right for you, it will be personal preference that will ultimately decide which one is right for you, so do your homework and be sure to choose carefully.