MotorGuide Xi5 – Review

You don’t want just any trolling motor to enhance your boating experience. If you are a serious fisherman, you want only the very best.

Choosing a trolling motor is a serious consideration and the Xi5 trolling motor provides you the security of a well made product with the assurance of high-function and quality.

Motorguide 80FW Xi5 Trolling Motor

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A lot of hard work and dedication was put into the design of the Xi5 trolling motor. It is the culmination of a lengthy research and development process in the way of manufacturing, aesthetic, and engineering. The Xi5 Trolling motor is equipped with wireless capabilities directly out of the box. This makes the motor easy to set up and use once you receive it.

This state of the art Xi5 is nothing if not precise. It uses a sophisticated ball-bearing steering transmission for the ultimate in precision. This helps to reduce the noise that many other motor designs tend to make. The reliability and accuracy of the model makes it easy to let the advanced engineering of the Xi5 trolling motor do the work for you.

In addition to the highly developed transmission, the electronic components of the trolling motor are enclosed in a technologically advanced coating that protects all electronic parts from moisture and dust. This protective feature, along with the new composite shaft, make this product almost unbelievably durable.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the new composite shaft is far more pliable than other similar models. The composite shaft is able to handle any trolling obstacles by bending without ever breaking, giving customers one less thing to worry about.

The new generation technology included in the Xi5 make this among the top models when it comes to energy conservation and efficiency. This state of the art technology allows the motor to run cooler than other trolling motors, meaning that energy lost through heat is now conserved.

This means you will have to change the batter much less frequently and that the battery life will last longer. The real time battery indicator also lets you know when you are need of a charge in plenty of time to prepare for the next boating trip.

A wireless steering pedal may be one of the most astonishing features of this machine. The heel-toe design controls movement quietly and precisely. It allows for speed that is 50% higher than the competition without sacrificing accuracy or stealth.

The Xi5 trolling motor also has digital variable speed. This makes longer run times possible while enabling low speed trolling capabilities unlike any other model.

There are also safety features, such as the double locked, low-profile mount means that unexpected deployment and motor damage are far less likely. The anodized aluminum the mount is made from makes this model corrosion resistant which creates for a long lasting product that will become an automatic go-to for future of boating.

Pros and Cons

While the product has received overwhelmingly positive reviews online, there have been a few complaints here and there. Predominantly about the functionality and learning curve foot pedal. Users say that it is counter-intuitive an unlike other pedal models.

However, users also say that once they are accustom to how the Xi5 opperates they don’t want to boat without it. Customers seem to be exceptionally pleased with the reliability, speed control, and precise steering. There has also been frequent praise for the pinpoint GPS system, but that is a feature that is optional.


The pinpoint GPS feature that accompanies, or can be added to, different models of the Xi5 trolling motor has a number of advantageous features that make it easier to focus on fishing. The most widely acclaimed advantage of this technology is the anchoring feature.

When you reach a desired location, you can set your GPS to anchor and it will ensure you stay within only a few feet of your location. Even wind and currents won’t let you stray. Up to eight different locations can be saved as anchor spots for later use.

The heading lock feature makes it absolutely simple to get to your destination. Simply by entering in the destination and locking it, the motor will carry you there effortlessly. From that point, it’s just a straight line to your favorite fishing destinations and boating locations.

Cruise control is a pretty standard feature on modern motors. However, the pinpoint GPS available with the Xi5 also calculates environmental factors such as wind and water movement it its speed configurations. Which means that even on a day when the weather isn’t perfect, your boat can be. Maintaining a strictly even boat speed makes it easy to kick back and relax on the open water.

This GPS also has a jog feature. The jog feature allows you to move five feet in any direction. Finding the fishing sweet spot can be troublesome because it often requires you to move only slightly. This feature takes some of the frustration out of what is otherwise an incredible fishing experience.

Once your favorite spot has been discovered, you can save it in your GPS and head right back to it whenever you want. You can also save and replay up to eight routes, each up to four miles long.


Being out on the water should be stress free and the Xi5 trolling motor certainly provides convenience. More than that, though, it is a finely tuned machine built for endurance and precision. The pinpoint GPS along with the top notch standard features allow for a boating experience unlike any other.

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