10 Best Fishing Hats Of 2021 – Reviews

Fishing hats come in a variety of different styles – styles which range from a simple baseball cap design to wide-brimmed caped hats to boonie sun hats. Each of these hats has their own specific pros and cons, as well as additional features that make them either a good or a bad choice for fishing. To complicate things even further, each style of hat can also be composed of different types of material. For instance, a boonie hat may be made out of cotton, polyester, nylon or some blend of 2 or 3 different materials – which also determines how effective the hat is protecting against wind, rain, and sun.

Having to take all of these factors into consideration can make finding the best fishing hat a time-consuming process. However, that’s going to change today because we have done the research and have found the best hats available today. The following hats have all been chosen for their ability to protect the fisherman against the elements.

Best Fishing Hats Of 2021

10Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Boonie II Sun Hat


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The Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Boonie II Sun Hat is a hat that provides much-needed protection from the sun’s ray thanks to it blocking out approximately 98% of UVA and UVB rays and it does so while keeping the wearing stylish. It features a special Omni Wick sweatband that wicks off sweat from your brow and a special mesh ventilation panel that ensures that you remain comfortable and cool. It’s also adjustable to just about any head size and comes with a chin strap to keep it securely in place. And if the hat just so happens to be dropped into the water, it’s quick drying properties will mean that it will dry out in no time flat.

9iColor Sun Caps Flap Hat


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The iColor Sun Caps Flap Hat is a lightweight cap that is good to wear not only while fishing but also while doing virtually any outdoor activity. It has removable neck and face flaps that snap on quickly and can just as quickly be removed. The cap itself provides UPF 50+ sun protection and is sized to fit most size heads. This hat is made from an 80/20 polyester/cotton blend that dries quickly and can wick away sweat. It also comes with a face protector and neck flap that can provide ample protection against mosquitoes. This lightweight and easy-to-use hat can be adjusted to protect the wearer against just about any level of sun, rain or wind – from light downpours to heavy rains.

8Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Boonie Hat


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Designed for the fisherman who not only wants to protect their heads but also to project a certain style, the Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Boonie Hat is a hat that can be used on the dock, on the shore or in a boat. It’s made with a quick-drying cotton/polyester blend that is not only very lightweight but is also comfortable to wear as well. It has a built-in mesh that allows air to circulate around your head and has an adjustable drawstring that will keep the hat in place on especially windy afternoons.  And while it’s a hat designed to protect the wearer from sun, wind, and rain, it also comes in a variety of colors so that it’s stylish as well.

7VSun Blocker Fishing Cap With Neck Flap


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Designed to be used by both men and women, the Sun Blocker Fishing Cap With Neck Flap is a fishing hat that’s made with a nylon material that provides 50+ UPF protection from the sun and with polyester mesh side panels that allow air to circulate around the neck. It also comes with a flap that protects the back of your neck from the damaging rays of the sun and a sweatband that disperses and wicks up the sweat from your brow. It’s a sun hat that’s not only a good hat for fishing but can be used at the beach or while camping, boating or hunting.

6LETHMIK Fishing Boonie Hat


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The LETHMIK Fishing Boonie Hat is a fish hat that is made from 100% polyester, has nicely designed brass buttons and a nice chin strap to hold it on your head in even the most adverse weather conditions. This hat not only keeps the sun off of your face but has a UPF rating of 50+, which means that it will also protect your head from the damaging rays of the sun. Its unisex design, stylish look, and sturdy construction ensure that this will be a fishing cap that will be taken not only on the boat or the dock but also to the beach and just about anywhere else it may be needed.

5Deal Stock Fishing Boonie Hat


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Made from 100% cotton, the Deal Stock Fishing Boonie Hat is a fly fishing hat that’s sure to make itself useful no matter where it’s used. Although it only comes in two sizes, at this time, it comes in a variety of colors that make it not only useful but fashionable as well. It’s a well-made hat that’s constructed to last and does a pretty good job at shielding the face and head from the sun. It may not be the fisherman hat of your father but it’s one that’s made for extensive use in the great outdoors.

4Ddyoutdoor 07-281 Fishing Cap


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Ddyoutdoor 07-281 Fishing Cap is a one-size fits all wide-brimmed hat that’s not only good for taking out on the boat or on the dock for a day of fishing but is good for just about any outdoor activity from hiking to camping to hunting and gardening. It’s made from nylon and features meshed brass eyelets that allow ventilation around the head. This fisherman hat also provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun and also protects from wind and rain. And if it gets left out in the rain or dropped in the river, it’s quick-drying design ensures that it will be ready to use in no-time flat.

3Lenikis Unisex Outdoor Sun Hat With Neck Flap


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Lenikis Sun Hat is a hat that’s designed with a number of features which makes it great for fishing and just about any other outdoor activity. It’s lightweight, provided 50+ UPF protection and has flaps that protect the ears and back of the neck of the wearer from the intense rays of the sun. However, while it provides protection from the sun, it is also breathable thanks to its mesh side panels that allow air to circulate. It’s one-size-fits-all design also has a chin strap and a sweatband that wicks sweat away from the brow. It’s a sun cap that’s sure to a welcome addition to any fishing attire.

2LETHMIK Wide Brim Boonie Hat


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With a unique design that is reminiscent of the hat designs that were once worn by the adventurers and big game hunters of the past, the LETHMIK Wide Brim Boonie Hat is sure to quickly become a prized addition to the attire of just about any fisherman or hunter. It’s made from 100% polyester that not only protects your head from the rain but also has a UPF of 50+ so it protects against the damaging rays of the sun as well. This boonie hat is also lightweight and can be crushed down or folded easily for storage or to pack in your luggage. This is a great hat for just about any outdoor activity.

1Deal Stock Fishing Cap with Ear and Neck Flaps


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This Deal Stock Fishing Cap with Ear and Neck Flaps is a hat designed for the fishermen who are looking for a simple yet effective hat for their fishing expeditions. It’s made of a cotton and polyester cap that makes it lightweight but also makes it effective protection against the elements. It also has side vents that give the wearer the ventilation they need. This one-size-fits-all cap is also machine washable and won’t stretch or shrink, so it’s easy to maintain and can easily be inserted into luggage or a drawer. It’s a reliable piece of head-wear that is at home on the dock, shore or boat.


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How to Choose a Great Hat For Fishing

Too many fishermen nowadays don’t give enough consideration to the hat they wear on their head. They just throw on any old baseball cap that they can find before they head out for the day. These fishermen will research just about everything from their bait casters to their fishing hooks to their waders but won’t spend a single moment considering what they wear on their head. Which is unfortunate because the right hat can really make a big difference in a fisherman’s life.

The right hat for fishing protects the fisherman from wind, rain, sun and many of the common pest insects such as flies and mosquitoes. It helps keep a fisherman dry and protected from the damaging UV rays of the sun. In other words, it’s not just an accessory but an important article of clothing that each fisherman should duly consider.

Since there are a variety of different styles that are available and hats hit the market on a regular basis, we decided to give you some tips today on how to choose the best hat for fishing. This guide will help clear up many of the basic questions people have when they are looking for the perfect hat and provide some of the key features that should be considered.

The Four Basic Hat Styles

Here are the 4 basic hat styles as they pertain to these types of hats: Baseball caps, Boonie caps, Up-Downer caps and Wide-brimmed caped hats. Here are the pros & cons of each style.

Baseball Caps – The biggest problem with baseball caps is that they are often easily blown off of your head by a big gust of wind. They are also pretty terrible at protecting against sun and rain. However, they are often widely used because they are easily available.

Boonie Caps – These types of hats are usually pretty good for fishing because they have a wide brim that protects the head and face from the elements and usually comes in lighter colors that reflect the sun’s sunlight better than darker colored hats.

Up-Downer Caps – These types of hats are usually just baseball hats with some added features that allow them to offer the wearer greater protection against the elements. This can include a roll-down cape for protecting the neck, an upturned bill to deflect rain and a chin strap to keep them from being blown off the wearer’s head by a big gust of wind. They are magnitudes better than ordinary baseball caps.

Wide-Brimmed Caps – These fishing hats are often the preferred type of cap for fishermen. Their wide brims are good for protecting against wind and rain and they have chinstraps to keep them in place.

Additional Things To Consider

Whether It’s Waterproof – Does the hat have a waterproof exterior? You’ll want to find a hat that protects not only against sun but also against rain.

Whether It Protects Against UV Rays – You’ll want to find a hat that also protects against UV rays because these rays can pass through fabric and cause damage to your skin. Make sure that you choose a hat that has a 50+ UPF rating.

Whether It Has a Chin Strap – While it’s not absolutely essential that your cap has a chinstrap, having one does make it easier to keep the hat on your head. Make sure the chinstrap is adjustable so you can fit it to your head.

Whether It Has a Neck Cape – A cap with a neck cape will protect your neck from the sun’s rays. If you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time in the sun, then you are probably going to want to choose a hat with a neck cape.

Whether It’s Ventilated – You’ll also want to choose a hat that has some sort of ventilation system built into it to keep your head cool. Some hats merely have eyelets that allow air in, while others have mesh nets that allow air in.

Whether It Has a Built-In Sweat Band – The difference between a cap with a built-in sweat band and a hat that doesn’t have one is pretty big. A sweat band will wick sweat from your brow and will prevent it from building up underneath the hat, which is a more comfortable way to fish in my opinion.

A Hat Is An Investment

Buying a great hat for fishing should be considered an investment that will provide dividends in the way of comfort, protection and increased productivity. Theses hats are useful to everyone from amateur fishermen to commercial fishermen, which is why it’s important to make sure that you not only have one but have the best one available.