Lowrance Mark-4 HDI Review

Ultra-Affordable Performance:

The Lowrance Mark-4 HDI is a revamping of the old but gold Mark-4 and Mark-4 DSI series. Lowrance basically combined both models into one, so the Mark-4 HDI delivers the original’s traditional SONAR as well as the DSI’s DownScan SONAR.

To top it all off, it costs much, much less than other models with similar technology. Of course, the screen is a little small and black and white, but don’t let that fool you – it still packs a mean punch, and is good for tight budgets or small boats.

lowrance mark 4 hdi

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Larger Screen Size:

The Mark-4 HDI has a 30% larger screen than the original Mark-4 series. At just a little above 4 inches, this guy is roughly the size of an early iPhone screen – which should be comfortable viewing when mounted on the dash or near it – it’s not a behemoth like the HDS, which you can see from across your boat, but it should do fine for weekend fishing trips this summer!

DownScan Overlay:

Along with viewing things in split-screen like you see in the picture above, you can overlay DownScan SONAR and regular SONAR onto one large display.

This way you can get the best of both, since DownScan is better equipped to find structure and regular SONAR is better equipped to find individual fish.

Highly Detailed Mapping:

Even though the Mark-4 HDI is bite-sized, it’s got a mean GPS and mapping – you have options to expand maps into a number of compatible chips, such as Lake Insightâ„¢ and Nautic Insightâ„¢ PRO and HD, Navionics® Gold and HotMaps® Premium, Fishing Hotspots®PRO. The default map has data for over 300 US lakes and waterways.


  • Depth Alarm: Yes
  • Shallow Alarm: Yes
  • Temperature Readings: Yes

Max Depth Per Transducer Type

  • DownScan Imagingâ„¢: Max 300′ / 91M @ 455/800 KHz
  • Broadband Sounderâ„¢: Max 750′ / 229M @ 83/200 kHz, 2000′ / 610M @ 50/200 kHz


  • Display Size: 4.3″/10.92cm
  • Resolution: 480 x 272
  • Backlighting: 11-Level LED
  • Power Output: Max 250W RMS
  • Languages: 30
  • HDI Operating Frequencies: 83/200 kHz or 50/200 kHz + 455/800 kHz
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC (10-17VDC min-max)
  • Media Port: One (1) high-capacity microSD slot
  • Warranty: One year


  • Waterproof Standard/Rating: IPx7
  • Product Width: 3.8″ 96mm
  • Product Depth: 2.2″ 56mm
  • Product Height: 6.6″ 168mm (7.5″ 189mm w/bracket)


  • Power Supply (Supply Voltage): 12 VDC (10-17 VDC min-max)

GPS Navigation

  • Navigation: Routes: 100
  • Navigation: Waypoint Storage: 3,000
  • GPS Antenna Type: Internal high-sensitivity WAAS + EGNOS + MSAS
    (optional external antenna)
  • Plot Trails: Up to 100 trails – up to 10,000 points / trail
  • GPS Alarms: Yes
  • Background Mapping: US Background map with over 3,000 enhanced lake maps
    with depth contour and shoreline detail, plus coastal depth
    contours/shoreline detail and spot depth soundings to 1,000’/305M
  • Mapping Options: Lake Insightâ„¢ and Nautic Insightâ„¢ PRO and HD,
    Navionics® Gold and HotMaps® Premium, Fishing Hotspots®PRO

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