Best Fish Fillet Knife – A must have in your tackle box

Any fisherman knows the real value of seafood, especially how hard fish can sometimes be to catch! Therefore, there is a need to ensure that every last piece of fish is not wasted. One of the ways to do this is to get a high quality fishing fillet knife.

With a proper fillet knife, you will be able to debone the fish and enjoy every inch of the fish once you have cooked it. The type of knife that you go for depends on your needs and the type of fish that you frequently catch.

However, there are fillet knives that cut across the board and work for different types of fish and fishermen’s needs. See our following list for the best fillet knives for fishermen.

Best Fish Fillet Knife

Wusthof Classic Fillet Knife


This 7-inch blade is made out of high carbon stainless steel, making it strong and sturdy. Apart from the attractive outward appearance, this knife is very sharp, which makes it easy to cut through fish.

The blade maintains this sharpness so that you do not have to sharpen it often. Its size allows it to fit perfectly in the hand, making it easy to use as well. Additionally, this knife comes with a sheath which protects the knife so that it lasts longer. This way, you do not have to spend more money replacing it within a short period of time.

Unlike other fillet knives, this knife does not seem to have many shortcomings except that it does not hold an edge for long. Its flexibility allows it to be used by amateurs and professional chefs as well. However, the amount that you need to part with to get the knife is quite substantial. It does come with a lifetime warranty and gives value for money at the end of the day.

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Shun Classic Gokujo Knife


This fillet knife can also be used for boning.  The blade is six inches and has thirty three layers of stainless steel. The blade is sharp, making boning and cutting easy. You can even use it to chop and slice vegetables because of how handy it is.

The shape and size make it easy to use. Additionally, the knife which is made in Japan, a country well known for its finesse in fillet knives, has a Pakkawood handle which provides for a comfortable grip. The one shortcoming of this knife is the fact that it is not as flexible as other knives. For its functionality, you can get this knife for less than $100.

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J. A Henckels Classic Knife


This fillet and boning knife is from the International classic line from Henckels. This 5.5 inch blade is made of stainless steel and is resistant to rust. The handle makes it easy to use as it has a traditional triple riveted style.

It is flexible, easy to use and very sharp. You will not need to sharpen it often. Additionally, it is used by both amateurs and professionals as well when it comes to fabricating fish.  It is available from $38.97 which is much cheaper than other high quality knives.

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Buck Silver Creek


This folding pocket knife is great as a fishing fillet knife. It uses a mid-lock back design to prevent the knife from accidentally closing and causing injury. This 6.75 inch stainless steel blade has a glass polypropylene handle which is easy to grip owing to the rubber accents.

It is resistant to rusting because of the titanium coating and can be used in any weather. The con associated with this fillet knife is that it is not good for salt water. It limits the use to fresh water only. You can purchase this knife and enjoy the lifetime guarantee. This is much cheaper than what other manufacturers have to offer.

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Berkley Deluxe Electric Knife


This knife is at a reasonable price as there are other high quality knives that are more expensive than this. This electric knife comes in handy if you are feeling lazy as it makes the job easier and faster. It has an 18-foot cord which comes in handy, is sharp and thin to make the cuts precise. 

The knife comes with a 6 inch or 8 inch blade which you can interchange depending on the size of your catch. Additionally, it is easy to handle, even when it is wet because of the ergonomic handle. However, the knife can waste a lot of meat owing to the sloppy cuts. While it makes the job faster and easier, it also costs you some meat.

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Martinni Finnish Knife


This 9 inch blade is obviously best used for larger catches because of how big it is. It has a stainless steel chromium blade which is rust resistant. It can be best used for salmon and pike and helps to give a better cut for these big catches.

The handle has a notched finger grove which makes handling easy. However, it gets slippery when it is wet, making it harder to handle. It is sharp and does not require any sharpening after purchase. It is available for a slightly steep price to pay but one that definitely yields value.

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Global Cromova G-21 Knife


This 6.25 inch knife is fashioned from stainless steel for both blade and handle. It is quite attractive and gained a lot of popularity when it was introduced into the European market. Its versatility allows it to be used in professional as well as home settings.

It boasts of precise weight balance and is sharp which makes it easy to separate fish meat from the bones. The cuts are precise ensuring that no meat is waster in the process. Additionally, this knife has an edge with a double bevel which allows it to be used by both right and left handed people.

This handle is also one of the better qualities as it is crafted to fit the user’s hand perfectly. The downside to this knife is that it does not come with a sheath and the manufacturer does not sell a sheath separately either. This can be disadvantageous for those who would like to use the knife on the boat and need to protect the knife.

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Bubba Blade Flex Knife

This 9 inch blade is crafted from stainless steel and is resistant to rusting. The grip handle does not slip which makes handling the knife during filleting much easier. The handle also has thumb and finger pads which make it easier to control.

It is flexible as well as strong. The knife has a non-stick feature which allows the meat to slide off the blade which is bonded by titanium. Some customers have noted that this knife becomes dull very fast. It needs to be sharpened after filleting about three small fish.

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Victorinox Flex Knife with Fibrox Handle


This high carbon stainless steel knife is worth the purchase. It is lighter because it is stamped and not forged. This quality makes it easier to handle. It has a thin blade which enhances flexibility making it perfect for fish filleting.

Additionally, it has a Fibrox handle which is flexible and makes handling easy. It can be used when wet because of the slip resistant handle as well. This blade is great for avid fishers although some customers have noted that it does not keep its edge for long. The approximate duration before it needs to be sharpened is about two fish in.

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Steelheader Suregrip


This knife is manufactured by the Knives of Alaska. It is best used in the wild owing to its tough stainless steel blade. The handle, which has etched finger grips, can be used well in wet or bloody conditions because of the better hold offered by these grips. It is slim and has a small cutting edge which most fishers do not prefer. 

However, the 5.75 inch blade does not disappoint. A purchase of the knife is accompanied by a nylon sheath which provides for safe storage and transportation. The sheath is better used in wetter environments because, unlike leather, it does not get any water damage.

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Fishing fillet knives come in handy for avid fishers. They help to clean and debone the fish in preparation for cooking. The type of knife you choose can make or break your fishing experience.

If you fail to get the right knife, it could lead to a lot of waste due to sloppy cuts. You do not want to work hard to earn your catch only to waste it in the end. These ten knives are some of the best that you will come across in the market.

Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose your ideal purchase and get it online through Amazon or any other shopping site.


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