Millions for health research

Millions for health research

“This will enable us to find relationships between seafood and health,” says Director of Research Even Stenberg. Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge donated NOK 3 million to see how seafood can prevent disease.

An ever-increasing number of people worldwide are suffering from obesity, the lifestyle disease diabetes type 2 and heart disease. Fiskeriforskning in Tromsø has been working for several years on seafood and health.
The latest NOK 3 million donation from SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge enables the establishment of several projects with an even greater focus on the linkage between seafood and health.

The projects will have a special focus towards the Arctic and will also prepare for collaboration with Russia. The cross-border collaboration involves Fiskeriforskning, the University of Arkhangelsk and the University of Tromsø.
Knowledge and value creation
SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge Group Director Olav Karlsen said, while presenting the donation to Fiskeriforskning on Friday, it is important to use funds from the donation fund for the creation of knowledge-based jobs.
“SpareBank 1 believes it is important to contribute to the raising of competence in such a topical area as this,” says Karlsen. “The research communities in Tromsø are undisputed leaders in this type of research.”

Researching across borders
Senior Scientist Asbjørn Gildberg showed fish protein, which is virtually free from fish fats.
Fiskeriforskning is producing this protein following the establishment of a collaboration agreement with LavalUniversity in Canada. This university is now studying the relationship between fish protein and diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
“Things indicate that protein and other substances in the actual fish meat can be just as beneficial for health as fish oil, but we need to first conduct scientific research,” says Gildberg.

For more information, contact Senior Researcher Asbjørn Gildberg, phone +47 77 62 90 56

Published with permission from Fiskeriforskning