Lowrance X-4 Review


If you are new to fishfinders and just want to get your feet wet (pun intended!) without breaking the bank, the X-4 by Lowrance is a great entry-level model.

Perfectly sized for small boats and kayaks, and armed with a generously sized 4 inch display that can twist and turn in any direction, is visible even in sunlight, the fish in your local lake, stream, or pond will have nowhere to hide from you! 100 Watts of power and a 200kHz transducer will let you see accurately down to depths of 100 feet.

x-4 fish finder

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Your best readings will come if you normally fish in waters that are around 40-50 feet, because the screen real estate is a little small, so the less depth you are looking at, the less things that can clutter your screen, and ultimately, the more clearer the fish become!

The display shows 4 shades of black and white, and has a resolution of 240×160 – which is the best value you can find in this price range.


  • Advanced Fish ID – instead of a traditional “echo arch” that fish finders normally show for fish, the X-4 uses computer software to determine which “arches” are most likely fish and displays them as little fish icons instead of arches.
  • Advanced Signal Processing technology automatically makes adjustments to the SONAR beam to keep your screen as free from disturbances as possible
  • Set alerts for fish, deep water, and shallow water
  • Bottom is processed specially so you can differentiate between targets and the bottom
  • Wide cover cone – see an area up to 60 degrees below your boat


  • Display size: 4 inches
  • Display resolution: 240 x 160
  • Display colors: 4 level grayscale
  • Temperature: Yes
  • Built in memory backup
  • Sunlight visible: Yes


  • X-4 Fishfinder display
  • 200 kHz Lowrance Skimmer Transom mount transducer
  • Installation hardware
  • Owner’s manual

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