10 Best Trolling Motor Batteries Of 2021 – Reviews

Trolling motor batteries are an item that not a lot of people give much thought about. When most people need a new trolling motor battery, they just choose a brand that they’ve used before or one they know fits. Few people consider options and some people don’t even realize that there are battery options to even consider. All of which means that they probably aren’t buying the best trolling motor battery for their particular boat or boating needs.

There is usually not a singular option available when looking for a battery for trolling motor boats. There’s a variety of different options and battery configurations to consider. There are cranking and deep-cycle batteries, dual-purpose, wet cell, and gel boat batteries. And then there are amperage-hour ratings and reserve capacity to consider. All things important when choosing a battery.

Which just means that is can be difficult to choose the one that fits your needs and that is why we’ve decided to go ahead and write this guide. To not only tell you about the best models currently on the market but to also give you some tips on how to buy these types of batteries. We’ll start with the best ones currently available and then we’ll head straight into the battery buying tips.

Best Trolling Motor Battery Of 2021

10Mighty Max 12-Volt 55-Ah Deep Cycle Battery


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Mighty Max 12-Volt 55-Ah Deep Cycle Battery is a sealed lead acid rechargeable battery that’s designed to be completely maintenance free and to deliver the power your trolling motor needs when it needs it. It is designed to work well in a variety of different operating temperatures and to provide years of service. It has a high discharge rate and a deep discharge recover that makes it ideal for a number of applications and not just for trolling motors. It’s also a battery that continues to work well even under the constant vibration and shocks that can be found on most boats. It’s currently the best trolling motor battery available.

9VMaxTanks VMAX857 12-Volt 35-Ah Deep Cycle Marine Battery


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Approximately 6-inches high, 7.7-inches long and 5-inches wide, the VMaxTanks VMAX857 is a 12-volt 35-Ah deep cycle marine battery that will fit trolling motors, as well as some other motor types. It uses Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) between its plates so this battery is technically classified as a non-hazardous battery because it’s spill-proof and makes it superior in many ways to wet lead-acid batteries. This sealed battery presents approximately 4 to 5-hours of operation time with only a 50% depth of discharge. And since it’s designed specifically for trolling motors, it’s shock and vibration resistant. This battery is designed to last a long time and to rebound from deep discharges well.

8Expert Power 12-Volt 33-Ah Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery


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Expert Power is a brand that’s known for making lead-acid batteries suitable for a variety of applications including wheelchairs, uninterruptible power supplies, general electronics, home security systems, medical systems and for trolling motors. Their products have been well accepted and are considered high-quality and this 12-volt 33-Ah deep cycle battery is no exception. It’s made using AGM technology, so it not only can operate in a wide variety of different temperatures but also is maintenance free. It’s a deep cycle battery that’s designed to be efficient and reliable at the same time and to meet ISO standards for quality, health and safety.

7Mighty Max ML35-12 12-Volt 35-AH Battery


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This Mighty Max 12-Volt 35-Ah Battery is a battery that’s made to give you the power you need exactly when you need it. This battery is designed with AGM technology that not only makes it a safer type of battery than other lead-acid batteries, but also makes it more reliable. It’s a battery by a company known to make batteries that end up in a wide variety of consumer goods from emergency lighting, portable tools, motorcycles and electronics to golf carts and garden tools. This maintenance-free battery is sure to provide many years of service and trouble-free operation for just about any boating enthusiast.

6Universal Power Group Wilderness Tarpon 12-Volt 35-AH Battery


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This sealed-lead-acid battery is made from Absorbent Glass Mat that not only delivers better performance than conventional lead-acid batteries but is also safer to use. While this battery is designed to be used with a variety of trolling motors, some people have adapted these batteries for use with other types of equipment such as for use in golf carts, garden tools, emergency lighting and even security applications. This battery’s spill-proof construction can be used in just about any position needed for operation. It’s a battery that’s designed for reliability, safety and to provide about 3 to 5-years of service with average use.

5Universal Power Group 12-Volt 100-Ah Battery


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This battery is made with the latest in AGM technology which allows it to be operated safely in just about any position required and also makes it leak-proof. It’s designed for use in trolling motors and can also be used in a variety of consumer products such as medical mobility tools and electric vehicles. And since this battery is sealed and only has a less than 3% discharge per month, its basically maintenance and worry-free. It’s designed to give approximately 5-hours of run time at medium speed on most trolling motors. Although it weighs in at over 63-pounds, it’s a battery that’s reliable and gets the job done.

4Interstate Batteries 12-Volt 35-Ah Deep Cycle Battery


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Designed to provide reliable and long-term power for trolling motors and a variety of other applications, this Interstate Batteries 12-Volt 35-Ah Deep Cycle Battery is a seal-lead battery that uses Absorbent Glass Mat Technology that not only makes it leak-proof but means that it can be mounted in just about any position needed for operation. This battery is designed to operate in a number of different temperatures and to give up to 5-years of service. And it does so without being overly bulky. It’s a battery that’s maintenance-free and should work efficiently for years to come without the user having to worry about it.

3UpStart Battery Wilderness Tarpon 100 12-Volt 35-Ah Battery


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This non-OEM 12-volt 35-Ah battery is a UB12350 sealed-acid battery that’s intended to be a replacement for Wilderness Tarpon 100 batteries. It’s a battery that isn’t terribly heavy and delivers stable power. It has a top L1 terminal that can be affixed to your trolling motor via screws and washers. It’s designed to provide years of maintenance-free and safe power with little to no user interaction. While it’s not the fanciest or most powerful battery in its price class, it is a reliable battery that can easily be swapped into your trolling motor when your old battery fails and needs to be replaced.

2Power Star Deep Cycle 12-Volt 55-Ah Marine Battery


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The Power Star Deep Cycle 12-Volt 55-Ah Marine Battery is a sealed-acid battery that uses AGM Technology and is not only spill-proof but can be mounted upside down if needed. It’s also a very safe battery that can provide up to 3-years of trouble-free and maintenance-free service in float devices and up to 2-years of service when used in other devices such as motorcycles, golf carts, and powered wheelchairs. It’s a battery suitable for a variety of different applications and is designed to just work the way it was intended to work. All from a company that’s beginning to make a name for itself in the battery industry.

1VMaxTanks Battery Kit for Boats


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The VMaxTanks Battery Kit for Boats is designed to give the trolling motor owner everything he or she needs to get going and keep going. It features a heavy-duty 12-volt 35-Ah sealed-lead-acid battery that employs AGM technology, a 3.3 amp 12-volt four stage smart battery charger, a marine grade Quick Box battery box to keep the battery safe from hard and a CB60 60-amp waterproof reset circuit breaker. It’s a nice system to replace a current battery or as a battery backup. While it’s more expensive than standalone batteries, it does provide the tools needed to keep your trolling motor ready to go.

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Tips for Finding the Best Battery for Trolling Motor Applications

In order to find the best battery for trolling motor boats, there are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration. The main things that need to be considered are the battery type and the amperage of the battery. If you take these two things into consideration, then you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Let’s take a look at both of these considerations and find out why each one is important.

The Type of Battery

There are two types of 12-volt batteries that are used with trolling motors today – Wet Cell Lead-Acid Batteries and Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM Batteries. Each of these batteries has their own set of pros and cons, although in most categories AGM batteries win. For example, Wet Cell Batteries are usually cheaper than AGM batteries which is a definite pro but they also require maintenance such as topping it off with water every once in awhile, which is definitely a con.  Other disadvantages of Wet Cells include being sensitive to vibrations and having to be installed upright at all times because they’re prone to spilling. They are also not as safe as AGM batteries.

AGM Batteries are the more modern battery option nowadays. These batteries are sealed, so not only will they not spill but they can be mounted right-side up, on their side or even upside down. And since they are sealed they are not only safer but maintenance-free as well. Another thing that’s great about these type of batteries is that they usually last twice as long as Wet Cell batteries. However, there is one downside to AGM batteries and that’s the fact that they are usually more expensive than the other type of battery.

As can be clearly seen, the only reason to buy Wet Cell Batteries is when you want to buy a battery that’s as cheap as possible. If you’re looking for a battery that lasts longer, is more versatile, is safer and  is not prone to vibrations, then AGM batteries are the way to go. The one type of battery that I didn’t include in the above list is Lithium Ion Batteries. And the main reason for that is that those types of batteries are very expensive at this time. My advice would be to stick with the AGM batteries because they are a better value.

Amperage Hour Ratings

If you look at a battery’s amperage and know the amps your motor is pulling, then you should be able to determine how long it’s going to last in your trolling motor. All you have to do is divide the amperage hour rating with the number of amps that your motor is drawing and you’ll get the hours the battery will operate before it dies. For example, if my boat is drawing 5-amps of power on a low speed and I have a 55-Ah battery, then I can expect to get about 11-hours on low speed. Of course, if my motor is pulling 30-amps at its highest speed and I’m constantly running the motor at that speed, then I can expect to get less than 2-hours out of the battery.

By looking at the above two battery features, you should quickly determine if a specific battery is right for your trolling motor. Just make sure that you take care of whatever battery you buy. That means keeping the battery’s contacts clean, topping off wet acid batteries, and storing your batteries in a cool, dry place. It’s also advisable that never mix battery types and that you only use your batteries for their intended purpose and nothing else. You should also make sure that your charger is designed for use with your battery and that you follow all safety precautions while charging. If you do that, then you can assure that your battery’s serve you well and that there aren’t any accidents.