Lowrance Elite-5 TI Review


Lowrance is one of the top brands in the world of fishing, and understands that more serious anglers want a fishfinder featuring the latest and best technologies, all of which are bundled together to create an intuitive and effective addition to their kit.

This is exactly what they manage to deliver with the Elite-5 Ti, which is the flagship model of their highly-regarded Elite range.

With features designed to suit every type of angler, this is a fishfinder that really should be included in everyone’s inventory before they set sail.


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It should be noted that there are other Lowrance fishfinders on the market, however this one is superior to them all. This is especially the case when it comes to the Elite55 HDI, which is made to look outdated by the Ti.

This is thanks to the newly designed Chirp technology, which improves the ability to target and map fish. Of course, this increase in functionality comes with a higher price though, with most expecting to pay around $550 for the Elite-5 Ti.

For an extra $250, it is also possible to upgrade to the Elite-7 Ti, which has the same features but a much larger screen.

Chirp Technology

While it might not have “Chirp” in its name, the Elite-5 Ti still makes use of Chirp technology. This means a number of things for the user, with the biggest of these being the device’s ability to display targets at a much heightened resolution, so you can pick out in more detail what exactly is underneath your vessel.

It manages to provide this extra detail without increasing the amount of clutter above the fish by operating on multiple frequencies. This increased detail means that fish can easily be identified, and then marked accurately. This identification is aided by the Advanced Fish Symbol I.D. which automatically identifies different types of fish in the water.

It should be mentioned that Chirp technology isn’t exclusive to Lowrance, as other companies, such as Garmin, also use it on their devices. The way in which the technology integrates on the Elite-5 Ti is unparalleled though, allowing it to function at its optimum capability.

DownScan Imaging and StructureScan

Chirp isn’t the only feature that enhances the display on the Elite-5 Ti, as it also features both DownScan Imaging and StructureScan.

The first of these gives a picture of what is underneath the water’s surface, while the latter scans not just below the boat, but to the boat’s sides, giving a broader view of the area. When the two are combined and the Chirp technology is added into the mix, there aren’t many other fishfinders that can match the Elite-5 Ti in terms of detail.

It should also be mentioned that the image definition can be improved manually, by changing the frequency to suit water depths. When in shallower water, the frequency should be higher, while deeper water requires a lower frequency.

This means that it is able to be used in waters of all depths, making it great for both saltwater and freshwater use. Don’t worry if you’re heading somewhere particularly hot/cold either, as the device functions from 5° through to 131°.

Never Forget a Great Spot

Most anglers have their favorite fishing spots, and discovering a new one can be extremely exciting. The problem is this though: when you return, you often forget where this great spot was! The Elite-5 Ti prevents this though, as the

Trackback feature allows you to mark favorite spots, so you can navigate back to them easily. It can store a massive 3,000 different waypoints, which should be more than enough for most people, and the accurate GPS ensures that they are found without any problems.

The device comes with a detailed map of the US already installed, however it is possible to download maps from other countries, should you need to. If you download so much as to exhaust the memory, the microSD slot provides the chance to gain extra storage.

Backed by a Warranty

The Elite Ti range of fishfinders is the most expensive range produced by Lowrance, so some might be concerned about paying such a high amount.

There’s no need to be though, as Lowrance are so confident in their product that they offer a comprehensive one year guarantee. So, you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on something that fails to function properly.


The Edge-5 Ti is one of the very best fishfinders out there, capable of matching the performance of nearly all of its competition.

The fantastically detailed images are the highlight for most, however the Trackback feature and the multitude of available maps are also definite high-points. So, if you’re looking for a great fishfinder, you won’t go wrong if you purchase a Lowrance Elite-5 Ti.

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