Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c Review

humminbird fishin buddy 140c



Go fishing with a buddy – the Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy 120! It is portability at its finest – no mounting, no drilling, and no holes – this fishin’ buddy will follow you wherever you go in a jiffy! Use it anywhere: on your boat, your friend’s boat, a dock, or even a float tube.

An easy-to-use clamp secures it to just about anything, and that’s it: just power on (requires 6 AA batteries) and start catching buckets and buckets of fish! No wiring or installation necessary!

humminbird fishin buddy 140c

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When you are using the fishin buddy, you just have to power it on, clamp the unit on your boat to put the transducer in the water, and you are good to go. Humminbird’s software will show fish icons near the echoes it thinks are most likely fish, and these are quite accurate for the most part.

Bear in mind though that due to the design of the transducer, the fish finder may not give super accurate readings in very shallow water, like water less than 8 feet.

Users have reported seeing 20-30 hours of usage from one set of batteries. Don’t let the small transducer and compact size fool you – the Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy performs solidly and will deliver every time you go fishing. If you use a float tube, you can strap this bad boy onto a float tube, too, using it’s special float tube strap.

You can also mount it over the side of your boat using a clamp mount.


The Fishin’ Buddy 140c is a step above it’s younger brother the Fishin’ buddy 120 because of the color screen. The color screen will let you see echoes with even more clarity, because different colors can help you gauge how strong the echoes are and how hard/soft the object is.

The difference in price may seem like quite a lot for just the one major difference, but a color screen is a huge upgrade from a black and white one. Given a choice between a color screen mobile phone and a black and white one $100 cheaper, we’d definitely go for the color screen, right!


The built-in transducer tubing is 24 inches, so it will work fine from nearly any kind of boat – the bottom of the tube just has to reach the water.

With a very narrow cone, and high transmitting frequencies, you will see accurate pictures of the water – and the best part is you can tilt, twist, and turn the transducer to point in any direction.

Once you see something you like, you know EXACTLY where it is – just see where the tubing is pointing towards! Cast out and reel ’em in!

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  • Display size: 4 inches
  • Display resolution: 240 x 160
  • Display colors: 8 level grayscale
  • Temperature: Yes
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • 200 kHz / 34° @ -10db
  • 455 kHz / 10° @ -10db
  • Depth: 240 ft.
  • (240 ft Down, 120 ft Side)


  • Fishin’ Buddy Display unit
  • 24″ mounting pole w/ transducer
  • Mounting clamp
  • Owner’s manual


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