FishHunter Portable Smartphone Fish Finder – Review

The FishHunter Smartphone fish finder is a solid competition in the smartphone fish finder market – and it’s priced very competitively against similar offerings such as the Deeper and iBobber.

At its core, the FishHunter is a smartphone(iOS and Android compatible) fish finder that has a small, rubber-coated SONAR module, made from military grade materials, so you can use it under any conditions – regular or even ice fishing.

FishHunter Smartphone Fish Finder

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The battery of the module lasts for a whole 8 hours on a single charge, so you are set for a whole weekend of good fishing.

The transducer module attaches to your fishing line and will start sending you readings of the water wherever you cast, reading down to 133 feet, which is pretty decent for everyday fishing.

If you don’t have a boat, or usually rent a boat, this is a good choice.

FishHunter will let you see bottom contour, and it will also point out fish where it thinks the readings look like fish. What I really like about FishHunter is that it will show you a simplified overlay with pictures of bottom and fish(what it thinks is most likely), and you can also see raw SONAR data like a proper fish finder.

What’s really neat is that the overlay view is 3D, where the 5-directional transducer helps the software put together all of the SONAR data into a 3D view with different depths showed to you on the screen, along with what it thinks is where.

You just need a phone or tablet to connect to the fish finder module, and you can see SONAR readings even without a cellular connection.

If you do have a cellular connection, then there is a whole new world of potential! You can use your phone’s GPS to pin good fishing spots, and also see what spots other users have pinned.

The app also has a log book where you can keep track of the fish you caught, and there is also a fishing trip planner, which tells you the phases of the moon, the weather, and a whole database with pictures of different kinds of fish, where they like to hide, and what kind of bait to use to catch them.

For closing thoughts, I think the FishHunter is a solid choice, probably besting the Deeper and iBobber, and for less than $200, it’s a bargain.

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