How to Throw A Cast Net | Great Tips to Throw a Cast Net Properly

Fishing is an exciting experience and there are so many ways through which you can catch fish. Using a cast net is one of the common methods used by most fishermen. The success of using a cast net for fishing highly depends on the way you throw the cast net.

Ideally, there are a number of ways to throw a cast net. While there is not a right or wrong way to throw a cast net, this guide will help you make the most of the fishing experience.

We have put some instructions and tips that will help you get a big catch with your cast net. There are some people who prefer to use the teeth while others use the net over the hand.

Each of these methods will work as long as you understand the basics of throwing a cast net. In this guide, we have included some instructional videos to make you understand every stage of the process.

Just like any other skill, throwing a cast net requires practice and the more you do it, the better you become. If you have tried to throw a cast net and failed, it means that you have practiced enough or lacked some basic skills.

Essential Tips on Throwing a Cast Net

The main objective of learning how to throw a cast net is to ensure that the net opens up properly. There are so many guides on the internet, but some of them overlook the basics and at the end of it all, most people give up on this technique. Here are some tips to keep in mind, even as you are learning how to throw a cast net:

  • The main focus is on how you throw the net and not how hard you throw it.
  • Preparation of the cast net makes it easier to throw the cast net.
  • The setup process is as critical as the throw itself; with a good set up, the throwing will be accurate.
  • When throwing the net, you need to do it in a smooth motion.
  • Do not attempt to open the net when throwing it, the proper throw allows the net to open itself.
  • Your body movement is vital in making the cast net open. You will twist the upper body, while the lower body remains intact.
  • The more you practice, the better you become at throwing a cast net.

Steps on How to Throw a Cast Net

While these instructions are meant for right-handers, if you are left-handed, you will just need to reverse the hands. We will break this into 2 sections:

  1. Preparing and setting up the cast net
  2. Throwing the cast net

Preparing and Setting Up the Cast Net

Step 1

Most of the cast nets have an adjustable hand loop, which you need attach to the wrist of your left hand. This is critical as it will ensure your throw is productive.

Ensure that it is tightly secured. You should hold the cast net up in the air while it is fully extended. Shake the net so as to make the lead line around the bottom part untangled. This is essential as it will determine if the net will open completely.


Step 2

The second step is to release everything and have the hand loop on your hand only. You should not have anything else attached to the net beside the loop of the hand line.

Once this done grab the net in half and this is critical as you should not grab it too low as it may prevent it from opening as it ought to. You should find the ideal spot at the middle, which is neither too low nor too high.


Step 3

Pick the hand line and make a number of small coils of about 30 to 40 cm in your left hand. The size of the coils will depend on the size of the cast net. If you have a smaller net, then you will have fewer coils.

Take the horn of your cast net and place it on your left hand and ensure that your palm is facing upward. Make another coil using the net that is beneath the horn.

Step 4

Coil up the net over the left hand, this should be done under your left hand in the backward motion. You need to be careful with this step since the net will not open if you fail to roll it in the right manner. In order to do this perfectly, you should have the lead line at the bottom split.

Ultimately, you will have half of the net rolled over your left hand while the other half hanging down. When doing this, you should keep checking the net so as to ensure that it does not get tangled in the process. If the lead line is tangled, take the time to untangle and straighten it.


Step 5

Take the other half of the cast net and split it with your right hand. You should keep untwisting it as you pass it on to the right hand. Get hold of the net halfway, between the end of the coil and the leaded weights.

To confirm if you have done this in the right manner, you should have half of the leaded weights resting on the end of the net, which is in your right hand.

Step 6


Take the half that is on your right hand and roll it over the left thumb until all the net is on the left hand. Do not let go of the initial coils that you have made at the beginning as this would mess up the whole process. The two sets of the net should not intersect when you are transferring it.

To check if this has been done correctly, ensure that the skirt bottom of the net has two different piles of the net. They should be at different heights, with the pile that you have rolled over your left thumb being higher.

Step 7

Place the lead line in your teeth, just the rope part of it and not the weights. If you choose to throw your cast net without using teeth, then you should have the lead line over the top of your left hand.

When putting the line on your teeth, you would need to locate the skirt bottom where the pile has transitions from the high to the low place and put it in your teeth.


Alternatively, throw the lead line over the left shoulder and in this case, you need to use more of the skirt bottom if you are not using your teeth. Ensure that it is resting comfortably on your shoulder and does not slip.

Step 8

Using your right hand, grab the part that is swinging from the teeth. Grab this part with the right palm facing upward and left it be between the ring and pinky finger.

At this point, you will be getting hold of the lead line and top pile that was resting on your left thumb as indicated in the previous step. This is the part of the line that is facing away from you and makes sure you grab the lowest point, without necessarily bending over.

Step 9

Once you have the lead line in your hand, you should roll the part of the net that is on your left arm onto the palm of the right hand and hold it in a firm manner.

When all these steps are followed correctly, you will have accomplished the first, and most important step; the setting up and preparing the cast net. As long as you can get this process correctly, you will have an easier time throwing your cast net.

As discussed in the tips above, it is not how hard you will throw the net that will determine your success, but instead, it is how you throw it. The weight of the net and the motion of your body is what will determine if the net will open or not.

It is important to try and keep the lower body as still as you can and allow the motion to come from the upper body only. Ensure that you have a perfect balance before attempting to throw the net.

You can try to rotate your upper body without letting go of the net so that you can have a feel of what to expect.

As you attempt to twist your upper body, the net should swing open, away from you. While practicing, do not let go of the other parts of the cast net that you have in your hands.

Throw the cast net

Step 10

Twist your body at the waistline, while keeping the toes pointing to the front and unleash the cast net to throw it. You should release the net like a coil and rotate to the right, which your entire body facing the same direction as the toes.

Release the net and every other component of the nets. Some important things to note:

  • You should allow the centrifugal force to open the net. You should not use too much power to cast your net, just think of this as a golf swing and make it as natural and smooth as possible. This is the only way that you will be able to get a great outcome.
  • While uncoiling the net, you should ensure that your arm remains outstretched. Just open up your arm and release the net without extending the arm like one who is throwing a Frisbee.
  • Do not make the mistake of rotating your body and lob the net out. You should allow the net to open itself and use the right hand to help to open the net. When using your teeth, you should not forget to open your mouth so as to release the net from your teeth.


Let the net flow in a clockwise direction and lay on the water and watch as it starts to sink to the bottom of the fishing source.

When it is at the bottom, pull it by the hand line and get the rewards of the bait fish that you will catch.



With these simple, yet practical steps, you will be able to throw your cast net effectively and have a remarkable outcome. You will reap a great deal of fish if you learn how to throw the cast net as required.

Please keep practicing so as to become better at it. Feel free to share this guide with your friends and family and also leave a comment. All the best in your fishing expedition.