Garmin EchoMap 50s Review

The EchoMap 50s has a 500W, 77/200 kHz transom mount transducer. This is plenty of power to fish in a very deep lake, and the 77 kHz SONAR will show good readings at high speeds and greater depths.

This makes it a great unit to upgrade to from an earlier model, or even for a new unit to set up on your new boat.

Garmin’s HD-ID technology cleans up SONAR returns on the screen so you can spot fish more easily. Fish usually show up as long, straight lines or arches, depending on whether they are sitting still or moving around.


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Bright 5 Inch Display

The EchoMap 50s comes equipped with a large 5 inch color display that is visible even in direct sunlight. What’s interesting about this display that it is longer than it is wide, which gives you a lot more room to see depth, since after all, SONAR is a depth finder at its basics. This also means the unit will take up less dashboard space.

You can mount the unit using a traditional bracket, a flush mount, or for an even sleeker look, you can mount it from behind the dashboard in such a way that just the screen will show on your dashboard, nothing else.

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Mapping Options and GPS Accuracy

The GPS chip on the Garmin EchoMap 50s is a newer version that pulls data from multiple satellites and shows an even more accurate reading called the GPS/GLONASS receiver. Your location refreshes up to 10 times each second, so the usual lag you see on GPS readings will be greatly reduced.

The unit comes with multiple mapping options. You can either get it with a map of 5000 US Lakes called LakeVU HD, or with Garmin’s famous BlueChart G2 vision charts – these are best for coastal areas.

As you are fishing and getting SONAR data, the EchoMap will record the SONAR data along with the GPS location, so you can find and navigate to fishing hotspots even faster than before.

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Garmin Quality

Although you don’t hear much about Garmin on the fish finder wire, Garmin’s echo series has been a solid performer since the start.

Even their earlier(now discontinued) units, like the Echo 100 and Echo 300c were the best in their class. If you go with Garmin, you know you can count on them.

Wifi Connectivity

The EchoMap 50s has WiFi connectivity, so you can hook it up to your tablet or smartphone to use for marine-specific apps on your device, such as Garmin BlueChart Mobile which lets you stream SONAR/GPS to your iPad to review later.

What’s in The Box

  • EchoMAP 50s
  • Power/data cable or power/data/sonar cable
  • Tilt/swivel mount
  • Flush mount kit
  • Protective cover
  • Bezel
  • Documentation

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