Finding Your Next Confidence Bait

This is a guest post by Jason Dirks of Mystery Tackle Box

For an angler, there’s nothing like the suspense of seeing your line twitch, or waiting for that slight tug that alerts you to set the hook hard and fast. The suspense keens your senses, slowing the pace of nature to a subtle stir. One of the best aspects of fishing is the surprise of the unknown tugging on your line, actually similar to being afraid. Maybe because both fear and fishing share a common element: the unknown.

The unknown can be exciting on the water, but it can be a bit daunting when it comes to lure selection. With endless aisles of crankbaits, soft plastics, spinnerbaits, etc. finding your next confidence bait takes a bit of research and trial and error.

Your current confidence bait might be a trusty old green pumpkin stick bait which isn’t a bad thing, although it can prevent you from finding that next favorite and adding it to your fishing arsenal.

Anglers need to get out of their comfort zone to become more versatile fisherman. Becoming a versatile fisherman means trying new lures, new colors, and new techniques so you can apply those learnings to attacking new waters and fishing conditions.

So, how do you get out of your comfort zone and find that next confidence bait? Try this, we call it the CAST method…4 simple steps to help you identify that next confidence bait and improve your fishing skills.

Compare: Look at the baits you’re currently using, your favorites, and compare those to the new baits you see in the market. Finding something similar with an added feature or innovation is a great option to try first.

Ask: This is simple, talk to the experts. Any local tackle shop or fisherman out on the water is a perfect candidate to ask for tips and see what they suggest.

Sample: Sampling products is a great way to find your next favorite bait and one company’s mission is just that. Mystery Tackle Box will send you a box each month filled with different lures and baits for less than the cost of a dinner. Anglers tout that discovering these new baits and brands not only makes them better fishermen, but it’s like Christmas once a month.

Throw: Get out and throw your line into the water to see what works for you. You won’t catch them if you don’t try and throwing your line in the water is the key to finding your next confidence bait.

Following one or all of these steps will help you find your next confident bait so give it a try. And remember, “if fishing was easy, they would’ve called it catching” so don’t get discouraged and have fun on the water.

Tight lines!