Fillet Knife Sharpeners

If you are an avid fisherman, you recognize the importance of having sharp fillet knives to cut the meat off of your fish without any wastage. After you have found the perfect fillet knives for your catch, you will need to ensure that they are always sharp so they can be able to serve you well.

The type of fillet knife sharpener that you buy will depend on the amount of time that you have on your hands. If you would like to take a break after you have cast your line to work on your knives as you prepare to catch some fish, then you might have more time to spare and would not mind using a manual sharpener. However, if you do not have

If you would like to take a break after you have cast your line to work on your knives as you prepare to catch some fish, then you might have more time to spare and would not mind using a manual sharpener.

However, if you do not have the time or if you have a lot of fish to clean and need to keep sharpening your knife to maintain the edge, then you will need an electric knife sharpener or a manual one that allows you to do the job in a matter of seconds.

That said, you will have two main types of sharpeners to choose from: the manual and the electric ones.

Best Electric Fillet Knife Sharpeners

Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener


This sharpening station is an electric one. It has a 100% abrasive diamond wheel which is used to sharpen knife edges in three stages. It sharpens, hones and then strops or polishes the knife to achieve this flawless sharp edge.

Like the high-quality Wusthof fish filleting knives, this 3 stage sharpener is also popular with the crowd. There are many positive reviews online as people use it to sharpen various knives, including fillet knives.

Some customers noted that their knives would not sharpen on the right side and the sharpener wobbled while it was in use.

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Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Sharpener

This multi-stage sharpener is suitable for use on high-quality fish fillet knives. It restores 15 and 20-degree edges for Asian and Euro-American style knives respectively. It can also sharpen fine-edge serrated blades as well.

It has 100% diamond honing and features a stropping and polishing stage which is patented. In addition to this, it has a precision elastomeric spring guide that holds the blade at the proper angle during sharpening.

The Chef’s Choice sharpener has high ratings although some customers have noted that the grinding section strips off metals very fast and therefore one side is sharp while the other remains blunt after sharpening.

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Presto EverSharp Knife Sharpener


This sharpener also operates using an electric current. It is small and easy to use on fish fillet knives. It works on the knife through two stages, that is, sharpening and honing. It has a perfect sharpening angle that sharpens the edge to professional perfection.

The Presto grinding knife has sapphirite grinding wheels to achieve these razor-sharp edges on your fillet knives. This sharpener is best used on non-serrated knives although non-electric serrated knives on only one side can be sharpened using the sharpener. Furthermore, the sharpener has three suction cups at the bottom to ensure that the sharpener stays in place as you use it.

Although most of the customer reviews are positive, some noted that they could get a better edge if they just sharpened their knives manually. They complained that the sharpener removed a lot of material from the knife without making it sharp.

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Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Sharpening Station


This high-quality knife sharpening station is affordable and effective. It can sharpen all brands and types of knives including fish fillet knives. The diamond abrasives sharpen steel and strop these filleting knives.

One of the good qualities of the sharpening station is that it has feet to support it which makes it stable during sharpening. Additionally, it has a flexible stropping disk and a special angle for sharpening your fillet knives. The Chef’s Choice station also has an on and off button for sharpening knives.

This sharpening station is popular with professionals as well as domestic fishermen. However, some customers have complained that their stations do not live up to the reputation as their knives do not have a sharp edge even after sharpening them.

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Best Manual Knife Sharpeners

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener


This compact sharpener is convenient and easy to use on fillet knives. It is fitted with ceramic rods and diamond plates which are used for sharpening. It also has a leather strop which makes for a firm grip.

The Work Sharp field sharpener uses five abrasive steps to complete the sharpening process and yield ultra sharp edges for your knives. One of the benefits of buying this sharpener is that it can also be used to sharpen other tools.

Many customers like how it sharpens their knives in addition to how small it is and easy to carry on the go. However, some noted that there were cheaper ways to sharpen your knives and that the sharpener is not suited for high-quality steel fillet knives.

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Lansky Diamond Sharpening System

This sharpener has a safe and easy to use mechanism. It has an angle sharpening system that is controlled, giving you a sharp edge every time you use it on your fillet knife. It has color-coded safety holders that have finger groves, which is how the fillet knives get sharpens hones.

It also utilizes special honing oil and comes in a storage case that is convenient, helping to keep the system intact and protected from different environmental elements for longer durability.

The knife sharpener generally has positive reviews from customers although there are a few who had problems with their sharpeners. Some complained that the stones are glued onto the plastic housing using cheap glue.

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Smith’s 50008 Diamond Tri-Hone Bench


This sharpening stone is manual and quite pricey for a sharpener that is not electric. It utilizes Diamond and Arkansas to grit coarse and extra-fine material. It t is easy and convenient to use, sitting on non-slip rubber feet which help to keep it stable as you use it to sharpen your fillet knives.

This knife makes sharpening faster and easier through the overlapping, oval-hole diamond design which collects and holds metal filings instead of letting them build up on the abrasive surface. It polishes and hones the cutting edge at the same time to give your fillet knives razor-sharp edges.

One of the advantages of having this sharpener is that it sharpens both big and small fillet knives. Many customers are pleased with the product although there are a few who reckon that the sharpener has some shortcomings. One customer noted that the Smith Tri-Hone Bench Sharpener dulled the edges of his knives.

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Wusthof Precision 4 Stage Sharpener


This 4 stage knife sharpener uses carbide blades to sharpen all types of knives, including your fish fillet knives, whether they are standard or Asian-style knives. This is the first stage of the sharpening process.

The sharpener then has ceramic rods which are used to hone the fine edge of your blade in the second stage. This manual sharpener works well and is cheaper than some manual sharpeners thus giving you value for money.

One of its better qualities is that it can be used by both right and left-handed people. Some customers have, however, complained that the fine slot ended up dulling their edges although the coarse slot actually sharpens the edge.

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Messermeister Ceramic Rod Sharpener


This is one of the most popular manual sharpeners in the market. It is crafted from powerful steel alignment and strong industrial ceramic that sharpens knives perfectly. The ceramic abrasive sharpens and aligns the edges.

Additionally, this 12-inch sharpener has a very ergonomic handle which provides a soft but secure grip as you sharpen your fillet knives. Customers have praised it for its ability to transform a dull knife to a sharp edge in no time.

However, as is with every other product, the knife sharpener also has shortcomings in that it sharpens knives but does not do it to precision as some customers have noted.

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Chef’s Choice 3-Stage Manual Sharpener


This specific sharpener works on Euro-American/Asian fillet knives and santoku/ serrated knives as well. It has a three-stage sharpening system which ensures that your fillet knife has a sharp edge at the end of the process.

It separates that sharpening and the honing stages to provide double beveled edges that you will like. Additionally, it has an ergonomic design which fits all hands, whether they are big or small.

The rubber feet at the bottom of the sharpener provide a non-slip feature which makes the sharpener stable while in use. The sharpener has positive online reviews although some customers noted that it seems to dull knives and does not work as well as a whetstone.

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There are numerous fillet knife sharpeners in the market but the top ten are listed above. You can be able to sharpen your fillet knives for cleaner meat cuts or even deboning in some cases.

Some knife sharpeners only work on Asian or Japanese knives which have a different degree angle, often 15 degrees while others are best used on American and European style knives which are 20 degrees or more. Using the wrong sharpener on a knife will only frustrate you. Before you pick a knife to ensure that you have done extensive research and even read through reviews to find out if it will work best for your filet knives.

After all, you do not want to use your hard-earned money only to replace the sharpener in a matter of weeks or months. Additionally, you should avoid falling into the trap of thinking more expensive sharpeners are the best.


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