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Bubba Blade is popular with avid anglers. It is one of the most popular brands if you are looking for high-quality knives, especially if you are looking for fish filleting knives. Bubba blade knives are preferred by amateurs and professionals.

They even come recommended by doctors because of their unique handles. One of the best features of the knives is that they have handles that are designed to accommodate those with disabilities.

All of their products also come in sheaths which help whenever you want to carry the knife or sharpener on a fishing trip. The sheath not only protects the knife but also ensures that you are safe as you carry it around. Some of the products available from Bubba Blade include:

Best Bubba Blades

Bubba Blade 7 Inch Flex Fillet Knife

This 7-inch knife slices through fillet rather effortlessly. The meat slides off the blade without sticking to it thanks to the non-stick surface that is titanium-bonded. The blade is crafted from high-carbon stainless steel and is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, stains or discoloration of any kind.

The knife has a full tang construction and anti slip grip on the handle to ensure that you always have full control over the knife even when you are working on a slippery surface. The handle is crafted from thermoplastic polymer and is covered in anti-slip rubber. The ergonomic design allows for easy handling and manipulation of the knife.

It also has finger and thumb grips for control. In addition to this, the knife comes with a black sheath which protects the blade and makes it safe enough to carry around, a feature which is especially important for avid fishermen who like to clean their fish while still on the boat.

Many customers who have used the knife have positive things to say about the knife. It holds an edge and is effective in filleting fish. However, one customer noted that it was not as flexible as some of the other knives that he had used in filleting.

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Bubba Blade 9 Inch Flex Knife

This knife has a nine-inch blade which is perfect when you are filleting larger fish. It has a total 15-inch length due to the 6 inches from the handle. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel which resists corrosion and rust as well. It is also easy to clean and does not take up discoloration and stains.

The handle, on the other hand, is crafted from thermoplastic polymer and coated with rubber that prevents slipping as you handle the knife. The finger, thumb and trigger grip also help to prevent these slips especially when you are working on a wet surface. The knife has gotten positive reviews from most of the customers who have bought it. The black durable sheath it comes in is one of the positive aspects that people like about the knife.

Additionally, customers have praised the knife for being sharp and filleting through fish effortlessly. When it comes to shortcomings, one customer noted that the knife does not work well if you plan on cleaning panfish but works best on larger fish because of its wide blade.

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Bubba Blade 9 Inch Stiffie Blade Knife

Unlike the 9-inch flex knife, this one has a stiffie blade which provides a light flex but a lot of power. This knife is perfect for those who like to fillet fish and for hunting as well. The nine-inch blade is fashioned from high carbon stainless still which comes highly recommended in knives as it does not rust or corrode.

It also has a top surface that is titanium-coated, allowing for the fish meat to glide over without sticking to the blade. The knife has a good grip handle allowing for easier handling even when it gets wet and slippery.

This Bubba Blade knife is loved by both professional chefs and those who use the knife for domestic purposes for filleting. It comes highly recommended by the customers who have bought it. The knife is great for fish, especially the larger fish and other meats as well.

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Bubba Blade 12 Inch Flex Knife

This knife is also great for filleting. It is especially handy when you are working on large fish as it has a 12 inch blade crafted from high carbon stainless steel. Because of this material, the blade does not rust, corrode or get stained and it is easy to clean and maintain.

The blade maintains a sharp edge and does not require you to sharpen it often to keep it working well. This knife also has full tang construction which balances the knife as well as makes the blade extremely strong, a quality that people look for in good knives. This Bubba Blade knife also has a no-slip handle which is easy to grip even when wet.

It also has a trigger grip which allows you to apply some heat on the knife when needed. Like other Bubba Blade knives, it comes with a sheath to protect the knife and make it easier and safer to carry on fishing trips. All the customers who have bought the knife have nothing but good things to say about its sharpness and precision in filleting. There are no negative reviews on the knife.

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Bubba Blade 9 Inch Serrated Flex Knife

The Bubba Blade serrated knife has the blade designed the way it is in order to make cutting and slicing through fish much easier. It is great for filleting. The nine-inch blade is suitable for larger fish and is crafted from high carbon stainless steel. This material is preferred in filleting knives because of its strength, ability to withstand rust and corrosion.

In addition to this, the surface of the blade is coated with titanium to allow it to glide through meat without the meat sticking to the blade. Additionally, the handle is designed to provide comfort and grip, making filleting easier.

It is designed in such a way that also makes it easy to use for those who suffer from arthritis and gout. Because of the rubber and ergonomic handle design, the knife is recommended by doctors for those who might be suffering from these conditions or other hand disabilities.

Customers have praised the knife for its sharpness and ease when it comes to filleting and cutting through fish as well as other tougher meats. One customer did note that the sheath is a bit cheesy for the amount that you spend in order to get the knife in the first place.

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Bubba Blade 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

This knife has an eight inch, high carbon stainless steel blade which is durable. It is razor sharp and holds the sharp edge for long periods of time. This knife is not only recommended for fishers because of how easily it slices and cuts through fish and other meats but also for use as a kitchen knife.

The 8-inch blade makes it easy for use on larger fish in additional to cutting and chopping vegetables. The ergonomic handle is fashioned to provide optimal comfort and flexibility, making it easy to use the knife. It is recommended by doctors because it is designed to cater to people who have hand disabilities and suffer from conditions such as arthritis and gout.

Many customers have expressed their approval of the knife, stating that it is sharp, holds the edge and therefore does not need constant sharpening and also that it is light which makes it much easier to handle.

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Bubba Blade 7 Inch Woody Knife

Although the Bubba Blade woody hunting knife is best used for hunting, it is also known for its sharpness which comes in handy when you are working on slicing through the meat to get it straight off the bone with minimal wastage.

It can, therefore, be used for fish as well. This seven-inch blade is also crafted from high carbon stainless steel which means that it stays sharper for long. The blade is quite strong. However, the knife is not designed to cut through bone and trying to do so will void the warranty.

The handle is ergonomic and designed for optimal comfort and wrist flexibility without having to put too much stress or tension on your wrist. The handle also has some finger notches which boost the control that you have over the knife. It comes in a sheath as well. Customers have positive things to say about this knife, including that it is sharp and retains this sharpness. There have been no negative reviews about this Bubba Blade knife.

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Bubba Blade 10 Inch Sharpening Tool

This sharpening tool has a six-inch handle that allows the user to grip tightly and hold on throughout the sharpening process. It can be used by anyone, including those with hand disabilities as the handle is designed to account for this. One of the advantages of buying this sharpener is that you can use it on any of your Bubba Blade knives.

It is designed to sharpen your knives and return that razor-sharp desired edge. It also comes with a sheath to protect the sharpener from environmental elements as well as well as make it easy to carry. Most customers have recommended the Bubba Blade 10 inch sharpening tool as it has served them well. in fact, there are no complaints about the knife sharpener at all.

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Bubba Blade has a lot to offer when it comes to knives. They have a wide variety manufactured to cater to different needs that people have when cleaning and filleting fish. You will have to decide which of these knives to get depending on the size of the fish that you like working on.

You could still choose to get the whole set in order to ensure that you always have what you need for fish and other meat filleting. Another great feature of Bubba blades is that they are handy in domestic settings as well as for professional chefs.

They are affordable and considered as a good investment if you are an avid fisherman. Additionally, you can get the sharpener which works on each and every one of these single blades and comes with its own sheath as well.


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