AquaChile will invest USD 11 million on inland farming

Atlantic salmon

Chile: AquaChile already started the procedures required by the public Environmental Impact Assessment System (SEIA) to develop a new project to farm inland the full life-cycle of Atlantic salmon in Pargua (close to Calbuco in the 10th Region) throughout their different stages from eggs, fry, smolts and adults to breeders, with an expected spawning of 50 million annual eggs free of diseases.

According to the SEIA report the egg production will be sold to the local market as a real and biosafe alternative to replace the importations of breeding material and helping with it to preserve the national sanitary patrimony.

The company explained in the report that the inland farm will work with a recycling water system “that controls both the production parameters and the environmental variables in each room separately” using “state of the art technology to disinfect equally affluent and effluents”.

Finally, AquaChile stated that through this project they intend to contribute to a better sanitary condition in the Chilean salmon industry by supplying eggs free of diseases the year around, using recycling water technologies to avoid sanitary risks from any external source.