Fears over AGD

Fears over AGD

A leading veterinarian fears that Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD) has become a permanent problem in parts of Norway.

ADG has spread from the Stavanger area along the coast to the Sognefjord.

“Lots of fish have died,” Sven Jørgen Strømmen, of K. Strømmen Lakseoppdrett AS, told NRK. “And we have already lost more then 10 million NOK.”

In Ryfylke, near Stavanger, AGD has caused mass deaths this year, accoriding to FSA’s veterinarian in Rogaland, Erling Bleie.

“This autumn we have had outbreaks in many sites. I work in Rogaland County and in our area around a third of all the sites had to treat the fish. Around 50 per cent of the salmon have been shown to have AGD,” he said. “We fear that this has become established as a permanent disease for the fish farming industry with the loss of fish and high costs of monitoring and treatment.”